Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Amy Sedaris was on Chelsea Lately! They're two of my favorites. I want to go to Target with them. And then have some bacon.

Okay and then, Lauren Conrad was on Letterman last night and he was so hilarious with her. He goes "It raises the question: maybe you're the problem. For a long time I thought geez, people are idiots. Then it occurred to me - is it possible that I'M the idiot? And it turns out I am! When you think it is maybe only one person that's hard to get along with, maybe that person is you?"

I like Michelle Obama. I would like to go to Target with her too.

In other news, I have a stalker. He's pretty low-key but I said hi to him on the bus last week and asked who he was carrying all the gerbera daisies for, and he was all "My name's Kevin! What's yours?" and wanted to shake. Within two minutes he was telling me how his mom died of breast cancer nine years ago but it's the anniversary of it and around this time of year it's still really hard for him. He is married and yet offered me a ride to work on Fridays when he usually drives...thank God I don't work Fridays. Then yesterday he was waiting for me (!) halfway to the bus stop. He was just stopped in the sidewalk and waiting for when I'd come down, then handed me a piece of paper with all his contact information on it. He seems harmless enough but wtf!


Anonymous said...

My snap judgment regarding your stalker was correct. As soon as I saw you chatting with him at the bus stop at 0635 in the morning I thought to myself, "that guy is funny looking. It sure is nice of Stephanie to chat with him but I wouldn't want to be a part of that conversation." Which is exactly why when I saw you 2 chatting I didn't stop I continued my journey a little further up the hill to throw away my empty Starbucks coffee cup. Sometime snap judgments are very, very accurate.
You are just too nice Stephanie! And honestly maybe I should take a page from your book and chat with my fellow commuters - but on the other hand I don't want some crazy stalker, there are enough interesting people to deal with in our building.

the nibbling marmot said...

I had a stalker once. He was in a relationship, but he liked to write me long letters. His name was Karl and he spoke very softly. It would actually be a good story to blog about.

Anonymous said...

Steph (this is Kate, it won't let me post this, except as "anon", which is why I am making this name declaration up front): stalkers are bad. Talking to random people on the street: bad. People giving you their contact info: bad. Offering a lift: bad.

I live in New York. I know about these things. If you ended up as chopped liver on the side of the highway I would never forgive myself.

Okay, now that I have joked about it you REALLY can't talk to him, because I really couldn't cope if he turned out to be a nutter who did you harm.

Then again, we could take a page out of our favourite TM and say, "If you aren't on ::snip:: his lawn, there's nothing to worry about"...which would mean you are good right up until the minute he's outside your place, at which time you call 911, then me, then blog about it.

juls said...

make boundaries with the stalker!

so, i'm making amy's cupcakes for my halloween party! from her cookbook! epicurious has her halloween spread online.

Elizabeth said...

Hello Big Black MAN...What can I do for you??? Be carefull Stephy!! He may not be married or have a kid with asthma....
Love, Eli

melkytown (melanie!) ;) said...

uh-oh. we all joke about online-stalking (the best!) but--real-life stalking....not so much. even if they seem nice, unfortunately you can NOT be nice. you just can't. you have to protect yourself. and someone mentioned boundaries....stalkers do not understand "boundaries" --which is why you can't be nice. poop!

on a lighter note, i read amy's book a while back & the recipes are SO sunny. i mean, funny. snort. she is genius.