Tuesday, October 21, 2008

on a steel horse i ride

Text messages between David and me today -

Me: Hi! How were the kids this morning?
D: Hi! Kids were grumpy.
Me: Oh no, how come?
D: Didn't like the cereal offered. Or pants. Worried about being late to bus. Worried about Barack Obama's correct address. Poopy and fighting.

I have a lot of videos that made me happy today, wanna see? First, the Daily Show segment on Wasilla!

Then, Jon Stewart explains why he said what he did about Sarah Palin.

Here is McCain roasting Obama at the Alfred E. Smith dinner. I was loving both McCain and Obama so much during these speeches. Here’s Obama doing his roast [part 1 and part 2]

Then here’s a Curb Your Enthusiasm clip that Aaron sent. Holy not suitable for work! You’ve been warned.

And lastly here’s an article by Frank Schaffer Jr called Frank! As A Former Pro-Life Leader How Dare You Support Pro-Choice Obama?


juls said...

jon stewart was on fire last night! love that wasilla bit.

better find the correct address to obama.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the article by frank schaffer! eye opening and confirms my vote and why i am doing so.