Wednesday, October 15, 2008

me time

Simone: Gregg stayed in a Marriot Courtyard last night and he's writing them a letter of complaint because the Do Not Distub sign said "Do Not Disturb, I'm Having Me Time" on it!

Me: I bet while Gregg had his Do Not Disturb, I'm Having Me Time sign on his door, the people walking by thought "That guy staying in there is probably in his bathrobe with a towel wrapped around his head and cucumber slices on his eyes, and he's listening to a tape of whale sounds and ocean waves, and he's chanting affirmations to himself."

Simone: HAHAHAHAHAHA! I just read that out to him and he looked HORRIFIED and said "I think SO! That's why I don't like it!" The idea of people thinking that of him really freaked him out.

Me: I found some more Embassy Suites do not disturb signs:


Simone: Those are SO bad! I don't ever want to stay at the Embassy Suites now. I use to like them! I started reading them to Gregg and he was so horrified that he came over here to see it with his own eyes. I told him we should always have a marker on hand to cross these things out and maybe write something else and then he said he DID cross that out about the "me time"! He crossed it out and circled the "Do No Disturb" and the maid knocked anyway!

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Steve said...

I must have a dirty mind, because that's not quite what I would think a guy alone in a hotel would be doing with his "me time".

It's not somthing I would want to walk in on..... especialy if there are cucumbers involved.