Thursday, October 2, 2008

ryan's mom

Ryan is killing me! Here's a conversation he had with his mom.

Mom: Ooo, Ryan, I'm so charged up about Sarah Palin. I was so impressed by her speech.
Ryan: (audible gagging) URRH! Blech! I was afraid you'd say something like that. I think she's the devil. She'd make a terrible, TERRIBLE Vice President.
Mom: No she wouldn't. She's a Christian!


Robb said...

lol, my parents would probably say something similar.

Snap to it! Sanp in time! said...

Steph, you're so misguided. There are very few things I need in a VP, and faith is one of them. It was her faith that got her through when she met the sexist Pakistani president (Allah ba-Hallah or whatever his name is), it was her faith that got her through the Bridge to Nowhere debacle, and it was her faith that got her through the decision to not send her preg daughter to Siberia to have it removed and donated to the steppe workers. She will excel as VP, and when John McCain is called back to God, she will use her faith to negotiate with the Evil Ones of Eye-Ran, and it won't be us saying, "I ran!" Sarah Palin, God blasé you!

Rye said...

Faith's great and all that, but Palin's faith clouds her political judgement and I believe makes it difficult for her to make non-partisan decisions and democratic policies. Besides that, ALL the candidates, Presidential and VPs, are faithful and religious--or claim to be. In that regard it's an even playing field. It's when Palin makes decisions like a book banning or mandates her pregnant daughter into marriage based on her "faith" that I fear, if ever in true power, she'll have us in a religiously homogeneous state before you can thump your Bible.

Also, Steph never said she felt one way or another about the dialogue [posted in the blog], just that she was amused by it.