Thursday, October 9, 2008

dump a lings!

Hi! How are you. That's good. Tonight I am happy because we went to Fu Man's Dumpling House in Greenwood and had noodles and dumplings made from scratch and I got to hear Lolly pronounce it "dump-a-lings" many times. Stephy recommends it all. And I'm excited about this article about Supergrass and how they're done with their dumb label. I am so mad at their label for not promoting them more.

This cracked me up, my friend Margaret posted this at her blog.
After getting some of my problems out of the way, I started talking with Doris. She is an incredibly cute Asian woman who I absolutely adore. I love her accent & her choice of words. She starts telling me about how stupid people are when it comes to traversing the new roundabout near her home. She told me about the time a rude man was in the wrong lane, but he thought she was in the wrong lane so he beeped at her & gave her the middle finger while her kids were in the car. But those were not her words. These were:

"So he starts fingering me! I was like, 'Yeah buddy! I should be fingering YOU' Can you believe he starts beeping at me and fingering me? Fingering me while me kids are in the car!"
People are all mad about the unretouched picture of Sarah Palin on the cover of Newsweek, you gots to see this.


Simone said...

So many new reasons to vote for that ticket. Her beautiful brown eyes, the tilt of her head. I can't believe I was suckered into Obama's halo on the other cover.

Simone said...

Oh, and yay on Supergrass parting with EMI. Asswipes that they are, putting all their money into Coldplay who suck granny tits. Ugh.

juls said...

i thought she looked great on the cover! and i'm not an admirer. this is all so puzzling.

Jojoellen said...

dump a lings way cute.. hhehe

pergettie for spagettie is what my kids said all the time and it cracked me up every time. so cute innocent kids are :O)

Snap to it! Sanp in time! said...

Pissed for retouch, pissed for not. It's aphoristic and cliché, please. You should focus more on dump-a-lings and Rock Obama so I don't get pissed.