Saturday, November 1, 2008

happy halloweenie

Right now I'm letting the kids eat Halloween candy for breakfast. I can't believe I'm doing this. They're being pretty cute, Lolly picks out the Lemonheads and Atomic Fireballs and gives them to Judah in exchange for Tootsie Rolls. Judah said "Lolly is the master of tootsie rolls!" and she said "Yeah! I'm the master!" People gave out full-size Snickers this year. FULL SIZE SNICKERS! I'm taking those for myself. I like to "tax" the kids' candy. Give them a little economics lesson. "When you get money, the government takes some of it. Just like I'm taking some of your candy."

Here we were shopping for pump-a-kins (as L calls them)


And here is Judah's design on the left. Lolly just said I could make any kittycat I wanted.


Here's my little fairy. "See how my skirt flies up when I jump!



Jojoellen said...

love the pumpkins and the kids and the full size snickers yeahhh. tax um lol

I only had about 15 kids. wow not very many.

Shari said...

Wow, candy for breakfast?!? You are a fun mom!
"Taxing" the candy - fantastic idea.