Thursday, November 13, 2008

one of the new girls on snl

I forget her name and don't want to look it up right now but we'll all know it soon enough. Here she's doing her Kirsten Dunst impression. Ha ha!


Julie said...

I'm not seeing the comedy...she is just talking. This is just depressing because now SNL will get even worse!

stephy said...

But she's talking all annoying exactly how Kirsten Dunst does! Just imagine Kirsten's fangs and air of self-importance. Well, I already have Kirsten dislike so it was funny to me. :)

Robert said...

She's Chris Elliott's daughter and part of UCB, lot's of potential here! I will miss Amy though. I remember the first time I saw her perform with UCB at the punchline in SF as the Hong Kong Danger Duo.