Tuesday, November 11, 2008

dermoid dalliances

Thanks to Jona I had the pleasure of google image searching the word "dermoid cyst." It's a cyst that has teeth and hair in it! I think I heard about those before, and then I strategically forgot about them.

Wikipedia says "Any teratoma near the body surface may develop a sinus or a fistula, or even a cluster of these. Such is the case of Canadian Football League linebacker Tyrone Jones, whose teratoma was discovered when he blew a tooth out of his nose."

I'll leave you with that. Night night!


Rye said...

I'm so disturbed by that last passage. I started to google image search for the cyst and then stopped myself.

Carrie said...

Whoa...my cyst was epidermoid. I was just three letters away from teeth and hair!

Jona said...

I kind of want a cyst now. It would be like a little friend made of my DNA that never needed me to feed it! And if I had a dermoid cyst removed, I would totally want to see it and MAYBE I'd want to brush its hair.

Team Wolfisaki said...

i love cysts and tumors with teeth and hair, it was actually the only test in pathology class i ever aced.

Hee-Joo K. said...

one of my friend had it removed few years ago, it also had teeth & hair, her doctor asked if she wanted to look at it, but she just couldn't, & i said, how can you not!!!
closest thing i had removed was an extra thumb, they removed when i was a baby.