Wednesday, November 5, 2008

how to repel friends and alienate people

I was studying (for my certification exam - that's another story) in Starbucks tonight before my therapy appointment. The song "Hallelujah" came on and some frat guys standing by the creamer station said "Hey, this is that song from Shrek! Who sings this? Yeah! It's the Shrek song!"

Well, I couldn't stand it because I think that song is sort of sacred so I said "Jeff Buckley sang the Shrek version but it's a Leonard Cohen song." One of the guys said "Cool!" and walked right into my personal space. "Hey, what are you studying?" I said "Um, respiratory system stuff." He said "I have some respiratory problems. Yeah, my lungs fill up with fluid." He was wearing a Hollister shirt and had blue hair. I said "That's gross." He was undaunted and said "Maybe we could talk about them after you're done with this?" I said "I can't, I have therapy." He looked a little scared and then I added for good measure, "Yeah. I'm a MESS!" He took a step back and then left without saying goodbye. hahaha!

Remember that for next time you want someone to leave you alone!


Jojoellen said...

oh yeahhh that made me laugh thanks i needed to laugh. I will totaly remember that to get rid of strange men and come ons from strange men.

Shrek song roflomao hahahhahaha sorry to funny hahhahahahah

melkytown said...


yeah.....that doesn't work in nyc, lol