Monday, November 24, 2008

david's morning

David and Jona send each other stuff they write as a way to keep their writing mojo up, like having a goal. This is what David wrote Jona about what happened this morning.

"I was out working until 3:30 am. When I got back, my bed was full of sprawling Drury bodies, so I climbed into Judah's vacated bunk and pulled the little army sheets over my head. The alarm rang at 5:25 am, at which point I made Stephalie coffee and a lunch and rousted her from her roost and sent her ass packing off to the short bus. Then I climbed into the Stephanie-shaped bed hole and fell back asleep until 6:08 am, at which point both of the kids were awake and pissed off at each other something religious. Lolly was screaming like she was being scalped. Part of the problem is that there is no viable children's programming at 6:08 in the AM, which can only set the table for despair and ruined relationships.

I climbed back in bed at 6:12. I am asleep again when, at 6:17 Lolly is depositing a Chuck E. Cheese token into my ear. What does she want? Skee-ball tickets? No, through the tears and snot she demands food. I'm up, I'm rummaging. I set her up with an apple cup. 6:21 trying to slide back into sweet sleep, I hear the screaming again. 6:26 she's inconsolable and without pants (both qualities come straight from her mother's side of the gene pool) and she's politicking for me to "come upstairs and see what happened." What happened is that the apple cup spilled and when I did not come as called, she unleashed a hearty "revenge peeing" upon our carpets, which have already endured enough pain and suffering at the hands of team Drury Jr. to qualify for the job of Jesus on the Cross.

Back in bed at 6:32. Up to meet Fruit Loop demands at 7:28. Pleasant surprise--Judah has dressed himself, packed himself a lunch and donned his backpack. The bus doesn't come for another hour, but he lives in perpetual fear of missing it. I'm able to sneak in another 20 minutes of sleep before I have to send his ass packing on the short bus and forego any more sleep. Hello day!"


Jojoellen said...

My hubby could have written this emaail only about fifteen years ago and switch genders for the one crying over apple cup. My oldest female and so obsessed with missing the bus or being afraid she will be blocked by a wildabeast at the back gate that joined the playground and her path to the school. The youngest my son, would be crying over spilled apple cup and wondering where his spider man underroos had gotten too. only would wear spider man, no dopey power rangers or any other nambie pambie super heros Tell David it gets better honest,just wait for the first t ball game or the first soccer game where they fall on thier face running to base or to score the elusive goal, or the first preschool graduation where they puke because they are so nervous about standing up to get their little certificate hehehehe. Oh my the joy of kids and lack of sleep. Loved the email/post it made my night

Simone said...

"inconsolable and without pants" might be the greatest thing I've heard all week!

juls said...

this was too much. bobby thinks that i'm in the gene pool of no pants and being inconsolable at the same time. when he read it, he was like, oh julie too. i guess guys don't have that problem.