Wednesday, November 26, 2008

gratitudinal list

Graditudinal List:

-waking up to my kids who have crept into our bed sometime during the night and they’re sleeping cuddled up together like bunny rabbits
-these rad boots from David
-the perspective of third-party observers
-hot running water
-my cashmere sweater that was $11 at Buffalo Exchange
-coffee and tea
-our couch
-running endorphins
-MAC Ruby Woo
-laughing regularly and exhaustedly at hilariousness from friends
-breaking the cycle
-having so many people I admire
-the way my little boy tells stories
-watching my little girl play mommy to her babydolls
-our wonderful upstairs neighbor
-thinking that living in Seattle is like living in the garden of Eden
-loving cloudiness (comes in handy here)
-David + ten years
-more amazing movies out there than I can keep up with
-Dave Eggers and M. Scott Peck
-Supergrass and Rachmoninoff
-In N Out burgers

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