Wednesday, April 8, 2009


daisies R picked for me

carkeek park


living room


my lisa loeb glasses, and me being a gaywad

cherry blossoms

my running hat


Still Breathing said...

Interesting chord shape!

stephy said...

Interesting in that I have no bloody idea what I'm doing? :) I tried to make it look like a bar chord. Probably failed.

Still Breathing said...

Ah - I thought your index finger was coming round to the third fret but if it was meant to be be flat behind the second fret you were playing Bsus2 (no third just a 2nd). As I said interesting (and used in church).

Simone said...

I love that pic of you with those glasses and when I first got glasses like that over ten years ago, I called them Lisa Loeb glasses! And I don't even like Lisa Loeb!