Friday, April 3, 2009

things i like today

FNM covering Portishead!

Hamster in a wok!

William Shatner is eating pudding and rather creepily at that.

This blog has the (subjectively) best questions submitted to the White House site.

The 10 biggest intellectual fights of all time
, kinda interesting.

Life Magazine gallery of rock star weddings.


Jona said...

I don't think the pudding thing is as creepy as the weird breathing in the background of the hamster video...I don't like it!!! Now I just watch that hamster fail with the sound off.

melanie said...

ok. mike patton, *heart* (..what was with all the spitting, barf?)

the hamster vid was kinda....mean! aww poor lil hamster, run poopy hamster, run! & yeh...the breathing was super-disturbing.....

video commentator extraordinaire