Monday, April 27, 2009

lolly international version

My daughter was just "reading" the Bible. She held it upside down and turned a page between every sentence. I typed what she was saying as she said it.

"Marge was finking about some glasses and a ring. And Homer was finking about beer. Lisa was finking about playing. Bart was finking about resting. So Marge went off to the store to get some glasses and a ring. And Homer got beer. Lisa goed to her room. And Maggie was playing. And Marge came back from the store. Homer was just finking about beer. And then everyone did what they should do when they were finking."


Anonymous said...

Was she referring to a specific episode (as far as you know?)

stephy said...

Nope! Just totally making it up. And turning a page between each sentence. That part killed me.

Also, how does she know Homer loves beer? Geez, the stuff kids pick up on.

Zain said...

That's the closest I've ever come to conversion to Christianity.

Profound! :)