Thursday, April 23, 2009

david dark. my jaw is on the floor.

I've been listening to some workshops from the Calvin FFM this year. I'm listening to David Dark's "Survival of the Freshest" right now and my heart is beating so fast. I feel so excited and happy, this guy is saying things I've been thinking about for awhile now and haven't been able to find too many other people who are on this page and I just want to scream. I'm so glad to be hearing this. I'm going to read all his books now. Davy was reading one of his books about a year ago and I tried to read it but it was over my head. But I'm going to try again. This is making me so happy I have tears in my eyes. Thank you, David Dark. Thank you thank you thank you. mwah

(The podcasts are here.)

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Laura Toepfer said...

Likewise great to have you comment on my blog!

I wanted to let you know I just listened to this podcast then rushed to my computer to buy "The Sacredness of Questioning Everything." This is exactly what we're trying to do with the confirmation program we've developed.

Incidentally, the Uncle Ben story comes from a book called "Good Goats: Healing our Image of God." Or maybe it came from something before that, but that's where I first heard it.