Saturday, April 4, 2009

mars hill church abuse

Here is a site for people with accounts of abuse at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. I'm concerned about this on many levels but I guess my biggest concern with this is the unrepentant spirit that is behind the system at Mars Hill, and how people still feel compelled to continue to attend. I identify with this thinking - I have been in a bad situation like this before and at the time no one could have talked me out of it. Now that it's behind me my heart really goes out to the people in these situations.


stephy said...

Here's a fake twitter account for Mark Driscoll, the pastor of said Mars Hill. hee hee!

Truth and Grace said...

Hi Stephy,

Me too! Oh for repentance! I was just responding to a supportive comment on my site (which WAS,

but now IS: )

and I wrote that even the need to do this kind of thing, to research and write about what appears to be a very abusive system with a pastor who also appears to be controlling and spiritually abusive, grieves my heart. I would MUCH MUCH rather see Driscoll repent, and allow the Holy Spirit to work through him in Jesus' beautiful balance of Truth and Grace. Driscoll is extremely heavy handed with "truth" but unfortunately, even the bit of 'truth' he may offer is injected with much poison I think.

If it's not too much trouble, would you change the link from my old site to my new one? If too much of a hassle, no biggie. I point folks to my new site from the old one anyway.

Warmest Regards,
Truth and Grace
Freedom4Captives at

stephy said...

Absolutely, I'm happy to change it! Thanks for doing what you are to seek reconciliation and not compromise on what's true.