Saturday, April 18, 2009

really nice email

I got this yesterday from someone I don't know but it makes me glad.

I read your entire blog today and wrote to my friend just now:
"It was actually... lately, I've been finding articulation difficult, and in response swelling up around me are waves of people articulating vague yet strong tensions I feel, and her writing did that.
Because I find myself toeing the edge of Christianity. I kept pulling back and also feeling guilty. I would ask myself, "Why you draw back? Why do you leave church feeling desolated?"
I kept feeling accused that I didn't believe in the essence of the faith but it's the culture that is so repellent, and I resist joining that culture... but I also felt like I was crazy and imagining a culture that didn't exist... that if you truly followed the faith, you would just become like this.
But she blatantly put out there what I'd been vaguely resisting.
There is a Christian culture that has nothing to do with the faith. So basically I felt affirmed."

Thank you for writing this!


Jona said...

You're a dream within a dream within a Butterfinger cake!

Still Breathing said...

Amen to that. The culture here in the UK may be different but we still have problems working out what is cultural and what is actually core to our faith. said...