Sunday, April 6, 2008

winner winner chicken dinner

Friday was Trophy Cupcake day where we were on a mission for the limited edition chocolate-graham-marshmallow cupcakes. We went with Ann-Krestene, Jen, Rachel & their kids to get these pieces of m'fing heaven. Here's the link to the video of them being made on Martha Stewart, if you can be bothered. Ann-Krestene took these awesome pictures.



Then today after picking up daddy at the airport we went back to Trophy.




mushroommeadows said...

Such adorable pictures!

Yum, those cupcakes look YUM! :)

rachel said...

where's the chicken?

(is that some allusion to something? it has a nice ring to it!)

yes, yes, meeting up with you ladies was much fun! let's do it again sometime!

Team Wolfisaki said...

awwww.... hugs and cupcakes, does it get any better?!

Jona said...

Holy craptarts, I just wrote a blog about giving up my candy-lover image because it's getting embarrassing. And I made a little reference to your other blogs about this lady's treats. And now I want to renounce it all and go to that store and maybe set up some kind of church with you where we worship that one cupcake that's kinda gold and shiny on top.

You want to? I'm on my way over.

California Girl said...

YUM! Great pictures and those cupcakes look fantastic!

the nibbling marmot said...

Even though I feel really angry because you like J. Simpson, I wanted to tell you what a cute little family you have.
And, what's up with Wallingford center? Did it become cool?