Thursday, April 3, 2008

it's too loud and i'm too old

Saturday night I thought about not going, but I knew I had to find the fun. I don't go to shows all the time these days, duh I have kids, and I'm getting old so I get tired at like 6:30. But David was having a record release so I got a babysitter and drove through the snow (yes, snow! I just about turned around) to the King Cobra. It only took me about 45 mintues to find parking on Capitol Hill (harumph) but my soccer mom kids-these-days grumpiness went away as I walked to the venue, past Neumo's where loud goodness was pouring out and past the Comet where more loudness and fun people were and I was suddenly so glad to be here. I'm so in love with this city! Thank you Jesus in the sky for such fun friends and good music everywhere. Here are some pics of that night by Sound on the Sound. David sewed this outfit. By hand. G-g-g-gay! It's pretty fantastic.



Pillow fight during the last song.




I'm still finding feathers everywhere five days later.

Oh - their new album is called Are You There, God? It's Me, Tennis Pro. hee hee

(art by the inimitable Dawn Cerny)


mushroommeadows said...

Is David your husband?

Anyway, the band's performance pictures are hilarious. And, the album cover is SO cool. There's just something catchy about that album title.

Rye said...

Amazing! Will David please bring back the ascot?

Team Wolfisaki said...

So, no boobs at all, really?

i can't believe David sewed that by hand, that is very funny and also very gay. Even the Jolenes had someone sew our outfits for us, he was a gay man as well.

stephy said...

The boobs are on the cd itself. So don't worry, Christina. haha

Anonymous said...

bandwidow said...

I'm right there with you on the going out to shows. I'd rather be at home in my socks and pajamas. On those rare occasions I venture out (Ya gotta support them right?) I usually leave the house thinking "I like this? I liked the smoky dark venues, I liked the loud music, I liked hanging out AFTER the show, and I liked coming home and falling into bed with my ears ringing at 3AM? Now it's a feat if I make it to 11PM.

Aaron Pheathers said...

I love that album cover, yo.

juls said...

love the album cover. where can i buy?