Tuesday, April 22, 2008

top ten texts

Christina posted the last ten text messages she got so I will too. It's a fun new game that's sweeping the nation.


"Why is everyone in the lobby a tranny?"

"It's been nothing but absolutely no fun."

"Can you check me in online when you get a chance? Let me know if you can do it."

"Drunkers! Wish you were here."

"It is, but until they can serve coffee in a place that doesn't smell like hog fat, they can count me out."

"I'm fed up with this wurld!!!"

"Why didn't anyone tell me the pope was an old gay german."

"We are in labor and at the hospital. She is at 6 cm. Should happen later today."

"Had a marshmallow spinal tap today."

"I'm at a restaurant and they're piping Kenny G. I almost want to leave because of it. Fuck!"


Team Wolfisaki said...

HA! 6 down is by far the bestest.

Ashley said...

Wow! You definitely get more interesting text messages than I do!

Simone said...

I'm so proud I made the list twice!