Tuesday, April 15, 2008

income removal service

The urbandictionary definition today is IRS = income removal service. As in "the IRS folks tried to jack 5 grand off my bank account."

Here are a couple weekend Portland pictures from Christina & Peter's backyard.



Shari just sent me this link for a bookholder! Am I totally gay for wanting one? Is this the final frontier for the lazy American? All that strenuous reading I do.

It was my turn to read one of my stories last night in Group Counseling 'n' Friends which always makes me nervous but that's supposed to be good. My story was about people who have an utter resistance to having a relationship with me deeper than "how was your day at work?" Also at group I bawled my eyes out but I am extremely comfortable doing so with them now. I guess that's progress?

I think this weekend I'll take the kids to the Seattle Art Museum to see all the cars hanging frm the ceiling, and then we'll get strawberries at the market. Yesterday we went to the market and Lolly was in heaven sitting on David's shoulders eating a huge strawberry, then when she was done she chunked the stem into a trash can from way up high on his shoulders. She's the best.

I want to get Davy these Mark Nason shoes. I find them dapper.


Carrie said...

The bookholder is cracking me up. It's like it's saying "read this book, asshole!"

mushroommeadows said...

Wow Lolly made quite a shot. :) Sounds like you've planned a really great day. :)

Anonymous said...

First off those shoes are hideous but wearable. . .they are the kind of shoes I imagine a porn star from the 70s would wear to a swingin’ party.
The book holder is awesome beyond words, I need one!

Simone said...

I first judged those shoes negatively before I read you remark, but you're right. "Dapper" really puts them into perspective.

I want that book holder so bad. I hate getting comfortable with a book. I just worry I'll be all lost with my arms like with a bluetooth.

stephy said...

David liked the shoes, he said they look like they're for a Spanish conquistador. I wonder if he sees them going nicely with his silly knickers.

nancypants said...

That bookholder is awful. I mean... look how far up you have to strenuously reach your arm to turn the page! Too much work!! ;^P

And the shoes scare me... but I can see them going well with knickers. (((Trying to picture them on Francis Schaeffer...)))