Wednesday, April 30, 2008

are you riding a rocket that's headed for hell?

My sister-in-law April put this at her blog, it's just too funny!

"are you riding a rocket that’s headed for hell? "

This is the beginning of a series on the same topic ultimately entitled "Only a Christian would..."

Only a Christian would...
-start a band (in large part to meet chicks) and call it ministry
-save the wedding day for the first kiss (or at least tell everyone you did)
-use the biblical reference "your body is a temple of the holy spirit" to justify the damning of tattoos, piercings, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, cussing, joke-telling, finger-flipping, speeding, dyeing hair, etc. as temple-destroying sins (oh wait. I forgot sex!)
-use "dagnabbit" as a valid cuss word...and one reserved for the more extreme situations of anger
-define "outreach" as working the church coffee counter with your 3 best friends
-abandon the nuclear family to go save China!
-try to "change San Francisco for Jesus!"
-tell Satan to get behind them (publicly and privately)
-say that life is a blessing even when you know it's shit creek paddleless
-save their sluttiest outfit for Sunday morning because they're "waiting for God's perfect husband"
-claim horrible and random tragedies on innocent people were "God's will"
-think that church attendance is a requirement for eternal salvation
-inquire casually about another person's spiritual condition as if it were the same as saying "how are you today?"
-replace the term 'dating' with "yoked (equal?.....or not.)

Now that you've reached the end I'll tell you something. This blog will be far more read for its comments than it's content....

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