Wednesday, April 16, 2008

recent quotes that brought me joy

"Did I tell you Grandma crashed her car in the Grocery Outlet parking lot? Apparently they are threatening her that they're going to take all her money. But the joke's on them, cause she don't have any. Guess what she also doesn't have: car insurance!!" - Carrie

"Tagalongs are always cumbersome. I am irrationally
annoyed by people who cannot take responsibility for
their own lunch satisfaction." - Carrie

"Last night we were sitting at the bistro table eating hot dogs and chips for dinner and i was like "i miss them." And peter said, "hot dogs don't taste as good without lolly and judah." - Christina

"If you're way high up in an airplane and you look down at a city, the city looks like frow up." - Judah

"The Pink Pamfer is 100% my man." - Judah, on the Pink Panther

"Strawberries make me crazy with a happy heart." - Lolly

"I want to play biolent bideo games." - Judah
(teasing him later about 'biolent bideo games' he said to me:) "YOU'RE a biolent bideo game."

"Rediscovering Susan, Getting rid of Angela, Hating Julie...?" - David trying to say Forgetting Sarah Marshall

**THIS JUST IN** "Dogs are cute for like 20 minutes. Then they are far too intrusive and slobbery. I don't like it when I go to someone's house and they spend more time yelling at or fawning over the dog than entertaining their guest. Once I read this fascinating article about the batshit founder of PETA and how she thought it was "arrogant and selfish" the way humans keep animals as pets. I was perturbed to realize that the PETA lady had kind of convinced me of her point. KIND of. Of course I love outdoor/farm animals, but I think having urban shut-in pets are like imprisonment! I've got to find that article. She has it in her will that she wants to be barbecued when she dies and all this other gross stuff." - Carrie H., PhD.


California Girl said...

'Strawberries make me crazy with a happy heart' - oh how I love this one!

nancypants said...

Cracking up about Judah's "frow up" line! HA!