Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the island of lesbos

Times are hard for the Island of Lesbos.

Yesterday I saw two women in the Target parking lot, one holding a baby girl and a little boy was walking with them. The baby was only wearing a shirt and a diaper even though it was cold, and when they got in their car the woman in the front passenger seat didn't put the baby in a car seat, they drove away holding her on her lap! I called 911 and gave them the license plate number. I'm still thinking about those kids. I'm upset too about the 400+ kids from the LDS sect who are in state custody. That's so incredibly traumatic for them! Why weren't they allowed to stay where they live with their mothers while the men in the sect were taken into custody, when the men were the ones who were allegedly doing all the bad stuff? When I am queen I won't let that stuff happen.


Rye said...

A report said today that there's a 17 year old girl that's preggers. She just turned 17 and think that the guy that knocked her up is something like they want to file stachitory (sp?) rape charges. That Jamie Lynn Spears got off easy.

I have to go with the Morms on this one. Weird and different but they don't deserve this.

California Girl said...

I feel horrible for the women and the children in this case. The women, and pardon me for saying so, but they look like they are completely brainwashed and zombied out. Its as if they don't know what to think unless the men are around to tell them. I do believe they love their children and those kids must be going through hell right now.