Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a 3 yr old and a pair of scissors

Tonight I went into Lolly’s room and found this.


Naughty! But she still looked fine. For all that hair on the floor you couldn’t tell she’d done anything. She’d just given herself some layers.


So we painted her nails. She is so excited to show her preschool teachers her pink nails tomorrow.


Tonight she said “Mommy, I gonna tell you a question. A heart is made with love and happies!” What a darlin question of her to ‘tell'! She held up her red teddy bear and said “My red bear stops.” I said “He stops what?” She said “He stops at red lights.”

Carrie emailed me this yesterday about Judah – “On Saturday when you were in the other room, Judah was telling me his favorite bands. He goes "There are some bands that are my favorite music. One of them is, Tennis Pro.." and here he did this move where he kind of fanned his hand around the house behind him, gesturing to David in the other room. "My dad plays in that band. Another of my favorite music is...Jack White." He said Tennis Pro and Jack White in kind of an exclusive, new band you've never heard of way. It was adorbs!”

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Team Wolfisaki said...

i love that band too! kid's got good taste.