Monday, October 29, 2007

a year's supply of stephard's pie

Sometimes I do things like look up my name on UrbanDictionary to see what it really means. Here is one meaning I hadn’t known about:
Stephanie n.

A term used to refer to stereotypical sorority girls.

On the weekend, all the college bars are filled with Stephanies.

Onto Steph:
Steph, n.

1. A word used to describe a girl who's mother you have slept with. It is used as a slur if the mother in question gave you an infection and/or AIDS.

2. Also a term used to describe a homo, i.e., a girl who is partial to pussy.

Well, I never! Oh I see they have an entry for Stephany.
Stephany, n.

The Boobular One, that is, the girl with big boobs

That Stephany over there is almost a double E

What, Stephard’s Pie?
Stephard’s Pie, n.

Applies to any hot girl named steph's pussy

Last night i had 4 shots of wieser's and a big slice of stephard's pie.

I think I like this one better.
Stephaniee, n.

The most amazingest person ever.

Stef, v.

To stef a bowl (of weed) is to basically use it as a microphone and instead of hitting it, you just hold it and talk and talk and talk...

"come on man, quit stefing the bowl and hit it already"

Then I looked up Drury
Drury, n.
1. A mayonnaise guzzling whore

i totally piped drury last night, she totally guzzuled my mayonaise

2. Usually a figure who is imbreaded or retarted. Also somebody who is mentally insane and is a sadistic homosexual nymphomaniac. A Person or Thing who is molded in shape of a spermspermhead or non human creature. Moves in a slimery manner just like a sperm

"my god that hideous thing looks like a Drury!!!"

Non-sequitur. Bobby in San Francisco (we call him Fun Bobby) came up with a new series inspired by the With You Always phenomenon. (drawings of white European Jesus hanging out with people as they go about their bidness) Here is one of my favorites, Jesus With The Dentist.

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Bobby’s new series idea is called “Hey, Stop That.” His first picture was of a prostitute talking to someone in a TransAm, and Jesus was looking disapprovingly on with a big “Hey, Stop That!” in the With You Always font. None of us can find it now and that makes me sad, but he sent me this one today:

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I love McSweeney’s reviews of new food! Sometimes I submit them and they are returned. Oh well. Here is one for Gatorade A.M. (“Finally, someone has engineered an athletic drink for people like me, Athletes of Sleep—people for whom it is less physically taxing to be awake than asleep.”)


Kate said...

Wow, there's a lot of homos in there.

Now I am going to send you a t-shirt.

You'll just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Rocks! Thanks for posting my photo!

-Phuntephus "Fun" Bobby