Wednesday, October 24, 2007

how to bug me

Okay, these phrases really bug me and I hear them all the time. Does anyone else not like it when people say
1. "It is what it is"

2. "Comfortable in your own skin"

There are more but I can’t member right now. I feel bitchy even bringing this up but hey. Oh, there’s something everyone says around here about the fog/haze in the morning, people love to say “it’ll burn off.” People who say this seem pleased with themselves. “All of this will burn off.” Nails on a blackboard!

Judah has been saying he has a bully at school. Actually, two - one on the bus and one "in the cafeteria." This concerns us like crazy and we said "tell Mrs. Ridge" (his teacher) and he rolled his eyes and said "I am TOTALLY not going to tell Mrs. Ridge." Well, yesterday he said "The bully shoved me and I shoved him back and he told the princiapal and my bully got in trouble! The principal didn't say any-fing to me!" We said "why's that?" and Judah said "Because he's smart." Oh! I hate a bully. I hope Judah pounds him in to the ground. Judah is tough, and kind of gigantic. That boy better watch out.

This morning Adam Carolla was talking about The Dog Whisperer and he said “I need to have a show called The Cat Yeller. I go to people’s houses and yell at their cats for them. It would be satisfying. I think that would be a ratings bonanza.”

I keep having to do work, and that is bothering me.


Simone said...

My mum really hates when people begin a sentence with "basically". She grits her teeth and steam comes out of her nostrils when she retells it. I hate when people say "At the end of the day...". When I was in training for my job at a call centre, I couldn't stand it when my "buddy" would tell the customer "Now, if you'll just bear with me while I look that up..." I hated it so much and then I found myself saying it once I started. Gag.

Simone said...

FUCK! Every day, this woman leaves for lunch and says "I'm running away!" She just did it and I came right here.

kelly said...

I always hated "birds of a feather flock together". I hate number 2 as well.

Poor Judah :(

Ryan said...

I spent a week in Portland a few months ago and picked up some awful words like an everyday cold. Boy do I hate them:

Cray-Cray - as in "crazy"
Totes - as in "totally"

"I was at Morgan's this weekend. His parties are always totes cray-cray!"

xoxo, Xtina said...

yesterday on my day off i got 6 calls from my work asking me to come in and cover someone elses shift because they were sick. apparentely i was "on call" but didn't know or had forgotten. my ringer was on silent so i didn't even get all the messages until 5pm or so, and when i called back i left a message on their answering machine because i am passive aggressive like that. this morning when i woke up i had a knot in my stomach because i wondered if everyone was going to be mad at me when i go in to work later on. and then i just thought to myself, "oh well, it is what it is." and it instantly made me feel a little bit better.... does that make you so mad?