Friday, October 19, 2007

sommaren med monika

I had to call tech support today and it went like this-

Tech guy: "I need to get into your account. What's your username?"
Me: "My first name."
Tech guy: "Okay, what's your password?"
Me: "Um...weiner."
Tech guy: "What?"
Me: [wincing] "WEINER."
Tech guy: "..."

I've changed my password now.

I felt dumb again when I had to admit to the doctor that I gave myself whiplash from coughing. But I got some percocet out of it. Percocet party at my house!

My friend Lauren's band is on the new show Next Great American Band and it starts tonight. Her band is called Rocket and I already know the outcome and feel so sneaky but I'm not supposed to tell. Mystery, it's not just the name of Spongebob's seahorse!

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Simone said...

I have an embarrassing password story to add, but since I don't know who is reading your blog, I'm going to tell you in private. I chose to mention it here, just to be titillating.