Monday, October 1, 2007

fat people love diet coke!

I am reading this book by Dixie Carter (I know, just you hush) and she says “I don’t know a single overweight person who isn’t addicted to diet soda.” I have a hard time believing she wrote ‘soda’, her editors must have done that because where we’re from soda is coke, even 7-up. But think about all the people you know who are addicted to diet coke. ... Now isn't that interesting.

David was in Vegas over the weekend and I single-parently (that’s kind of like single-handedly, but harder) made this for breakfast for the kids. I’d never made them sunnyside up eggs before (takes too long) and they didn’t dig the runny factor. They sure liked the vegan sausage though.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I’m scanning my recipes and putting them at this blog so they’re easier to share (there are only 3 up right now - I'm going alphabetically through my file - could take a little while). I’m only scanning the very best ones so they come guaranteed. No apologies for my oft-cryptic handwriting. These’ll be worth something someday y’all.


Christina Wolfe said...

Will you make me breakfast? i LOVE the runny middles, i will eat theirs for them too.

Hee-Joo K. said...

i once saw a big lady buy 16 bottles of diet pepsi (2 litter each)...

Davis Druvis said...

Real Coke tastes so much better. And you are less likely to be fat if you drink it. Everybody wins.