Sunday, October 14, 2007

what would you put on your rider?

I found this somehow, where Supergrass shows you how to play stuff. I could watch these all day even though I can't play guitar and only a pathetic bit of drums. When you watch these you can go to your happy place and pretend you're hanging out with Supergrass. Do you remember what it was like to hang out before you had kids? Oh, you don't have kids? Well remember this delicious time in your life where you can stay out without thinking too much about when to get home and trying not to drink very much and having to pay the babysitter $12 an hour. But I should also say...I was telling someone not long ago, I feel like my life is so much better now that I have kids and I didn't even think it was bad before.

Here is my brother John with my hus-a-band David in Chicago this summer, the funniest smartest kindest boys I know. Will you join forces with me and use the jedi mind trick to will John to move here to Seattle soon? I miss the bloody hell out of him.
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Last night the Foo Fighters were on Saturday Night Live and we told Judah "The Foo Fighters are coming on" and he said "OH BOY! I can't wait till they start throwing food!" He thought we said food fighters. The first part of the song was slow and Judah said "How come they're not being awesome yet?" I saw on the smokinggun, you know how they have all those riders, well Supergrass is the only band that the Foo Fighters will share a dressing room with. They also request 3 clean pairs of underwear on their rider. Why 3 when there are 4 of them? I want to make my own rider now. I will put white couches on it, like J-Lo asks for, and also perfect avocadoes.

I got a headache now moannnnn.


xoxo Xtina said...

how come they're not being awesome yet is one of the funniest things i think, ever.

Carrie said...

I heard J.Lo also used to ask for white lilies in her toilet, but I think this might be an old celebutard myth. I really can't figure out why anybody would want to piss on a lily. It's very sadistic!