Thursday, October 11, 2007

spray the nest

Adam Carolla is talking about how our own form of domestic terrorism is stupid people crapping out kids, then the kids end up going on shooting sprees. He says “Lots of people arrested for all kinds of bad stuff are returned to their children within a matter of days and there has to be a better way to deal with this. When you have roaches, you don’t call the exterminator and ask him to hang out in your kitchen with a slipper till he sees a roach and then he bats at it. You SPRAY THE NEST!”

I wish I was at the spin class where that guy got mad at another guy for yelling "You go, girl!" and threw him out a window. What I wouldn’t give. "You go girl!" Ha ha ah ah aha haa! I bet the defense lawyers will say it was totally warranted.

I'm helping at a women and children's shelter tomorrow night, hopefully it will be a nice dose of perspective and make me grateful for what I have. Or possibly depressed for those poor people, but maybe I can help them somehow. Then everybody wins!

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Simone said...

I hope that guy gets off on the "You Go Girl!" case. That would set a great legal precedent and then we could all throw those people out the window. Fuck, I hate that and also "Yeah, baby!"