Wednesday, October 10, 2007

buenos nachos

This is Jose. He is obsessed with my new keyboard wrist rest thing. Then Vicki tattled to the boss that we're spending too much time talking in my cube.

Here is Jose acting like he is going to go tap Vicki on the shoulder with the keyboard thing.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Jose keeps walking by my cube and whispering spanish words for various body parts and making me laugh till I snort. He leaned over my shoulder and said “El pene.” An hour or so went by then he peeked over the wall and said “Vajina.” After another hour he lifted my headphones and said “Testiculos.” Jose! I am trying to WORK HERE! Deseo a trabajo! Or something.


Simone said...

I hope Jose wrapped that wrist rest around Vicki's testiculos.

juls said...

a couple of months ago a group of us at work got chewed out for talking to much and being too loud. and guess what? i was not the cause of it! isn't that unbelievable. there were way too serious about it and i wanted to crack up. i think there's a study somewhere anyway that says that the average worker is only capable of 4 hours of work any way. so what's the big deal. the brain needs to rest sometimes.