Wednesday, October 17, 2007

eric howk

My critically hurt and critically adorable friend Eric posted this about his injury. He’s so sweet, I want to adopt him and cook him chicken friend steak all day.
A few points of interest regarding my injury…
*Not for the squeamish.*

I realize that I've been somewhat vague regarding the details of what exactly happened to me, so here's a little clarification, strictly in the interest of medical science.

This is the diagnosis that was given to me no more than 24 hours after the fall. Nothing has changed since that moment, and I would like to once again express how lucky I am that there weren't other complications that I had to work through.

I am a level T-5, complete ASIA-A paraplegic. Which means...

(picture didn't copy, oh well)

...that the vertebrae shaded in that lovely color of lavender were "jostled" when I landed, and the 2nd to the top one moved so much that it actually severed my spinal cord. That's where the word "complete" comes in, meaning that my spine was "completely" cut. So, in simpler terms, everything below that vertebrae, located roughly in the middle of my chest, is cut off from my brain.

As of 2007, no one with a complete spinal injury has recovered any sensation or movement below their level of injury, and so I was told by my surgeon that I will never walk again.

I'm only taking that slightly seriously.


Our country is so far behind in fields of spinal regrowth and regeneration, due to the continuing bans on stem cell research.

In november of 2003, the entire european parliament voted to allow stem cell research in countries that legalize it. Britain and Sweden were 2 of the first, and the work done just in the last 4 years has yielded promising results. Just sayin'...


In the meantime, I'm continuing to do all I can to get back to a normal life. I'm in love with my new apartment, and I've been doing right around a 12 minute mile in my chair, by my guesstimate. If you see me flying by around downtown in my horrendously ugly neon green wheelchair, say hi.

All kinds of love,


juls said...

that totally sucks about your friend eric. did i meet him ever? sounds familar not sure why. he seems to be a positive person. i can't wait to see you in seattle! i think we'll giggle a lot ,that's what i want to do the whole time i'm with you guys- is giggle. so we need a lot of booze, which i'll bring in my suitcase.

Simone said...

His good nature and optimism is very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.