Friday, June 27, 2008

recent quotes from the kids

Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder came on. Judah said "This is one of my favorite songs! How many people made this handsome song?"

Judah: "When I'm a man I'm going to smoke only one time to check what it feels like. If it tastes bad I'm gonna frow all my smoking stuff away and then I can be the healfiest man on erf!"

Judah: "Is it summer? It feels like summer."
Me: "Well, May is spring and summer isn't technically until June. That's just kind of the rule."
J: That is totally not the rule! Who made that law? George Washington?"

Judah: I want 5 kids in our family. I want an extra girl, and we can get (counting on his fingers)...3 boys."

When I give Lolly a big hug: "Stop squeezing! How about a little Lolly hug?"

L: "Mommy, I frowed my paci away casue I'm a big girl!" (then an hour later) "I need to get my paci out of the trash."

Judah: "What if David's band runs because everyone likes their band so much they go crazy and try to get him, and they like scream and freak out and hug them so hard they get hurt and have to go to the hospital?"

J: "I got a honey people (Kashi cereal) stuck on my uvula and I coughed."

J on a bridal shower: "Why you ned to frow a present at her?"

Judah & Lolly were along on the porch playing 'school' and eating grapes. They didn't know I was listening - I wrote down what they said.

J: So, let's talk about Abraham Lincoln. He was the best American president ever. He died before we were born. He stopped American war."
L: "Why?"
J: "Because he didn't want everyone to get killed. He'd be sad if everyone got killed."
(long pause)
L: "Now let's talk about robots."
J: "So. Some robots are good, some are evil."
L: "I see them on your pants." (J is wearing robot pajamas)
L: "Sometimes I swallow grapes down my throat. (pause.) What are you doing, teacher? Can we talk about when I got sick in my crib?"
J: "Ahh, just some grapes, me, and you."
L: "Just me and you. Not mommy."

J: "Can I be a sports photographer when I grow up?"
Steph: "You can be whatever you want if you work hard enough."
J: (pause) "What's the easiest job I can have?"

L: "I'm making out my schedule."

J: "I wish we could go infinity fast in this car."

Mommy: "If you go poop on the potty, you get candy."
Lolly: (rolling her eyes) "Thaaat's my liiife."


Shari said...

Awww. . .cute!
My favorite quote was from Judah asking what the easiest job he can have is.

Snap to it! Sanp in time! said...

Precious. Let's have lunch with them more often.