Monday, June 23, 2008

spectator sports...and a sweet girl quote

I'm so girly about sports, I only want to watch gymnastics or diving and that's about it but David loves competitive sports in any form. Baseball, hockey, football, golf, poker (not a sport in my opinion), cricket, curling (seriously!), whatever... I have post-traumatic stress disorder from surviving a childhood in the South with a house full of football fans raucously watching-borderline-participating in a game every autum Saturday, Sunday afternoon and Monday night for my first 18 years. But David is very chill and really sort of cute how he tivos it and watches it all carefully and proffers funny anecdotes so I won't be too terribly bored. Yesterday he was watching Spain play Italy and tried to make it interesting for me.

Me: That goalie looks sort of scary.
David: He's the best goalie in the world.
Me: Hmm...oh! He looks like the child molester guy in "Little Children."
D: Yeah! And the Italian coach looks like Wayne Coyne.

See? Interesting. Sort of.

Here is the Italian goalie, Gianluigi Buffon (fantastic name):


and here is the chi-mo from Little Children (aka Jackie Earle Haley):


And here's the Italian coach, Roberto Donadoni


and here's Wayne Coyne.


I could watch gymnastics forever. Jennie (my sister, she's two years younger than me) and I used to watch our Nadia Comaneci & Mary Lou Retton VHS tapes on a loop, practically. I just saw this youtube clip and this girl is so amazing, lots of blind forward landings and stuff on the balance beam!

I got this from David this morning:
This morning, Lolly climbed into our bed, snuggled up to me, pulled up the blankets over her, laid her head on the pillow and whispered, "Daddy. Mommy made a licious cake."


Simone said...

I also love watching gymnastics, but it really is one of those things where I think "When did someone decided it was a good idea to skip on a beam and finish with little gay hands?"

Every time she kicked both her legs up off the beam, all I could think about was her shattered kooch bone should she miss.

dav said...

Looks like the coach is belting out "Do you realize" and that Wayne is offering his coaching wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried doing something else when David watches sports, that way you wont have to suffer, or aggrivate you PTSD (laughable)

Steve said...

"I'm so girly about sports...."

Didn't you play rugby?