Tuesday, June 3, 2008

take a sniff, pull it out

Jason sent us a picture of a guy surfing and Becca said "He is EXTREME!" and I laughed for like five whole minutes. She said "He needs Doritos or some Mountain Dew with him." Which made me think of this Juicy Fruit ad from my youth (Ann-Krestene posted it awhile ago too). I was always riveted by that lady's voluminous bresticles when she pulls her shirt off. Knowing what I know now, maybe they're fake? This must be the wise perspective that getting old is supposed to bring.

I'd love to know what the director was saying while they were filming. "Act like you're having the best time of your life even though it's frickin frackin COLD out here!"


California Girl said...

Wow - what a different perspective I get as I am so much older than when that came out! Sex sells and the way they were putting that gum in their mouths...yup, sex sells...

You're right on the mark - those were store bought!

Team Wolfisaki said...

the taste the taste the taste is gonna moooove yaaa.

YEAH. that commercial must have been on heavy rotation, as soon as i clicked play i instantly remembered the whole song AND the whole commercial in a flash.

Jason said...

My friends and I would go to the beach and do a bunch of juicy fruits then hit the water, our tits would get so big, and we'd suddenly lose all body hair while gaining a sense of self-satisfaction that only comes from living on Lake Tahoe and being lily white Christians. The kids on the other side of the lake would be taking drugs and drinking beer and we'd say to ourselves, "nah, man, that's for losers."

Simone said...

Wow! I can't wait to check out the Juicy Fruit commercial. We had one in Australia with water skiing, back before we were allowed to use commercials made overseas

Simone said...

Okay, WOW! In Australia, the ad was the same with water skiing (I can't remember if it was the same footage because I think we were allowed to use oversees commercials but they would be dubbed with Aussie accents) BUT the slogan was "Juicy fruit will GET YOU GOING!"

Juicy Fruit will get you goin'
It's got the taste that keeps on growin'
Juicy fruit,
The taste, the taste, the taste will get you go-o-in'