Wednesday, June 18, 2008

boob loaf

Here's a sort of tame, nerdy Urban Dictionary for girly things.
My favorites are
Back fat: The result of a too-tight bra that squeezes one’s back to create highly unflattering contours.

Bicbrow: The look achieved when someone shaves between her brows rather than plucking, leading to unsightly stubble.

Boings: Untrendy bangs that are deliberately curled under at the bottom.

Brond: a term for kinda blondish, kinda brownish, very gorgeous hair.

Chiclets: Overwhitened teeth.

Flintstone feet: What you get after wearing sandals in the city: Your feet look as grimy as Fred’s do after powering his vehicle with bare feet.

Hair sharks: The finlike bumps seen atop a messy ponytail.

Laundry bag: A dress that clings in all the wrong places, making you appear lumpier than you actually are, especially from the rear.

Old wallet: A person who is way, way too tan, evoking visions of tumbled brown leather accessories.

Uniboob: A derivative of “unibrow,” describing an unflattering sports bra that flattens your chest into one wide unit. (Editor's note: I like to call this the "boob loaf.")

Whale tail: Thong underwear seen rising above the surface of someone’s jeans.


bandwidow said...

very funny, and informational all in one.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit it: in high school I was guilty of having boings. But in my defense they were in style (kind of).