Wednesday, February 6, 2008

wellness formula to the rescue

Simone told me about Wellness Formula to save you from coming down with a cold and I’ll be doggone if it doesn’t work. Last night I felt a cold coming on and I went to Whole Foods to get some of this stuff Simone has been talking about and this morning I was healed. Healed! They smell bad enough to knock a buzzard off a gut wagon (as my grandaddy would say) but I can deal with it if it saves me from my usual eternal winter cold.


I was just in a meeting with 15 of the emergency room doctors. I kept thinking that I was in the best place ever to have a medical emergency, but because of my magical Wellness Formula I was just fine.

The kids have been saying cute stuff lately.

Judah: "Mary Poppins is making stuff so lovely in there!" - as she unpacks her carpet bag.

Judah: “George is the handsomest name in the Beatles. I wish my name was George.” "I’m a fan with the Beatles.”

Lolly was doing ballerina twirls yesterday and David said “How come you’re such a good ballerina?” and Lolly said “It’s my job.”


Carrie said...

Also try Xlear nasal spray! I've been snarfing it up for months now and I swear it's done wonders. As Sherla would say, "the secret to good health is clear nasal passages!"

Simone said...

Ha! You were claiming the other day that you hadn't been sick on over a year and were thanking McDonald's! Looks it was barely a year, you usually have eternal winter colds and it's thanks to Wellness Formula I suggested! HA!

I'm looking for that video of the Canadians with the ad for their movie editing service. I forget their names...