Thursday, February 7, 2008

something i won't be buying my daughter

I will let my daughter play with Barbies because I wasn’t allowed to and it fueled a major obsession with them. I will let my son play with toy guns because, like the Barbie deprivation syndrome, not allowing them to tends to fuel an obsession for them. But I don’t think I could ever bring myself to buy this doll for my daughter.



christina said...

i wasn't allowed to play with barbies either and my friends felt so bad for me and in 5th grade my BFF let me borrow her Malibu Barbie which i hid in my closet and played with every day under my bed in secret, until one day my brothers found her and cut all of her beautiful long blonde hair off for their "magical potion" they were making which called for barbie hair. i was so freakin' pissed. And they were allowed to play with toy guns, too. Talk about opening old wounds. i tell ya.

Simone said...

Christina, were you in trouble with your friend for getting her Barbie destroyed? My friend once cut all the hair off her Barbie and said it was Olivia Newton-John. It was the "Physical" era haircut. The great tragedy was that she did this on "Tropical Barbie" whose feature was her knee length hair! I wasn't allowed a Cabbage Patch doll. I was against them at first asking who would want to pay $65 for an ugly doll, but peer pressure being hard to resist at 8, I eventually wanted one. My sister and I ended up getting $10 knock offs. They looked exactly the same, however one day when a groups of girls were playing "keepings off" with my doll, her pants were pulled down and without the Xavier Roberts tattoo, my doll was exposed as a fraud, which subsequently further humiliated me on my bottom rung of the social ladder.