Monday, February 25, 2008

northwest weekend

My new favorite show is Paranormal State on A&E. It's one of those ghost hunter shows but it's better because they don't sit around going "If you hear us give us a sign" and then squeal when they hear a knock, then ask for it again. They talk to it and then ask it nicely to leave. And my favorite person on it is a medium named Chip Coffey. He's like Mr. Garrison crossed with Corky St. Clair. David imitiates him so well. "Do NOT go over by the stairs, y'all! There is something bay-ud by those stairs!" "I'm getting a Margaret. Who's this Margaret?" Then he stumbles on a gravestone that says Margaret and he shrieks. It kills me.

We watched the Oscars last night in mostly fast-forward. Last year was a prime snarkfest at Amy's, oh that was fun! This time in fast forward we were much less snarky, except about Daniel Day Lewis's wife, what the hell did she have on?! Well, and we snarked about Tom Hanks and Jessica Alba and George Clooney's girlfriend. But it would have been much funnier if last year's snark crew were there. Maybe next time.

And here's more stuff from the weekend.



Got locked out

Going to Starbucks

With Shari at Walnut St. Cafe

Edmonds sunset

hearing test

eye thing

piggy bank contents on skateboard



Simone said...

I wouldn't have thought you could go for a picnic on the beach in summer in Seattle, let alone winter.

The kids are so cute getting examined! I hope I have the balls and a nice dotor to allow me to take such photos of my kids in that state.

Your synopsis of Paranormal State has inspired me to check it out. I'll need to do something with my life after Project Runway ends. *weeps*.

stephy said...

You can barely see, but Judah's wearing his Neil Hamburger shirt on the beach, Simone!

Carrie said...

Wow, we were terrible last year! I love it!

mushroommeadows said...

Yeah, I noticed that huge flower thing on her frontside. Very weird.

Anyway, cute pictures. I especially like the hearing test one. So cute!

Team Wolfisaki said...

man oh man, the first picture is like the epitome of a good ol' northwest weekend, couch -n- cuddlin'. And Judah at the Dr's office with the doctor grinning from ear to ear looks like it should be in a giant poster ad in their waiting room, "look at all this cool stuff! The Doctor's office is so fun!" and i love the little tongue of concentration poking out of Lolly's mouth, adorable. Makes me wanna go have a few myself right this second, actually.