Thursday, February 7, 2008

ashes ashes we all fall down

Last night David and I went and got ashes on our foreheads. Explanation here if anyone gives a rip.

Two shopping days left till my birthday. There's still time to pick me up a Volvo XC90 with park assist and blind spot information system that runs on dreams and starlight!


juls said...

i'm saying happy birthday today in case i drop acid tomorrow and forget all about it. hahaha

love you!

i need to repent, instead of getting my ash mark i went out drinking with friends. oops!

christina said...

ohmygosh for some reason i read volkswagen before i reread volvo and i almost totally flipped out. volkswagens suck ass. i hate my jetta so bad.

California Girl said...

At least you have a reason for going to get the ashes...too many people I know do it because they are conditioned to do it and don't even practice their religion.

Happy birthday!

Aaron Vail said...

When us kids used to get the ashes on the forehead at Catholic school, we thought we were the cat's ass.