Monday, February 11, 2008


I had a happy birfday. I am 33. In your face!! Here is my bacon cake.


Hapy birthday?


David & Jason


JP & the cake.


I just love this picture of Jason with the balloons, I don't know why. He looks so innocent and happy.


Someone getting into the candy hearts


Shiner Bock imported just for my birthday! Flown first class in its own seat and escorted by secret service.


A lamp in the Nordstrom lounge that looks like both the Oscar statue and Mr. Hanky.


Back to the grind. I drew my boss Bill's head today during a staff meeting.


PS - Story group tonight was so badass and frightening and joyous all at the same time. I'm scared and also really excited to go to the next one.


mushroommeadows said...

Bacon cake? Yum. :)

Oh, I like your boss picture. Did you show it to him? :D

stephy said...

No way! Not yet, anyway.

Shari said...

The drawing of Bill's head is very life like and accurate. You should think about switching careers, maybe becoming the kind of street artist that draws portraits of others for a living. . .

juls said...

love you stephanie! happy birthday, love the cake.

if i wasn't been hounded by the irs, if there wasn't a housing crisis, if i didn't have a "2 week" contract at work - i would buy you this subscription for your birthday:

bandwidow said...

yikes! i looked at this earlier and forgot to comment! Happy Happy Birthday to You. We should do another dinner (or dessert)/movie night soon!

stephy said...

Yeah! Dinner/dessert/movie hooray!

my girl hazel said...

Happy Birthday Day!
mmmmmmmm, Bacon!

michele said...

happy mf-ing birthday to my sweet steph!

i'm flying into Seattle for the long weekend tonight (thursday)...

hopefully i can squeeze a quick visit in! hopefully...

J.K. said...

Happy belated birthday! The mouth on your Bill sketch is classic...