Saturday, February 7, 2009

stephen colbert doing christian bale

This is specially for Christina.


Team Wolfisaki said...

Peter and I watched this one buzillion times yesterday. Peter was wearing his I Heart Steve Martin shirt. I was wearing my I Heart Christian Bale shirt. I don't have that shirt actually. But Peter's shirt is turquois and he was wearing it with his new fat lady pants I got for him that say DIVA in silver and gold sparkly letters. Anyway, this video was pretty awesome, and I haven't loved Christian Bale as much since he got all his beautiful british teeth capped into that white picket-fence thing he's got going on in his mouth now, so no loss really. We'll see.

Jojoellen said...

roflmfao... ok bad bad seriously i needed that laugh totaly. thank you thank you

Jojoellen said...

by the way you should watch Burn After Reading it is so werid and funny and if you dont have a problem with the F word you will laugh alot. ok maybe i just am in a adolescent stage right now and so it was funny. Watch it and dont try to figure it out either hahahhaha. just like life wtf