Wednesday, February 11, 2009

fun with dr. dobson

Ryan Dobson (son of Dr. James) and I went to church camp together a long time ago and now we're friends on Facebook. He's actually very nice to me and we don't argue about our values or anything like that. He's a good guy. Anyway, I like to have fun with him on there. His latest status update goes like this:

J Ryan Dobson is having an event TOMORROW night in Dana Point. Anyone want to come? Free meal and a couple of Dobsons speaking!! Good Times!!!

Stephanie Hill Drury at 2:46pm February 11
Hey I'll invite my liberal friends! :)

J Ryan Dobson at 2:49pm February 11
Please invite them!! :-)

Stephanie Hill Drury at 3:22pm February 11
I'd love to attend. Can I wear my Rock of Love outfit and a ball gag?

Oh it's fun being passive-aggressive towards the Dobsons in this manner. He knows it's all in good fun though. He seriously is nice.

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