Sunday, February 22, 2009

my favorite oscar dresses in case you're interested

My 3rd favorite was Marisa Tomei's Versace. (I like to pronouce "Versace" like Jessi Spano did in Showgirls where it rhymes with "your-face"!)


My 2nd favorite was Penelope Cruz's vintage. (I didn't catch the designer.) It's just too dreamy for words but I would have made her wear Grace Kelly hair (kind of like Kate Winslet did tonight) instead of a bun and also not wear the pearls.


And my faaaavorite was SJP's Dior Haute Couture, however you spell that.


You can't tell in this picture but the bodice was taupe and the skirt was 'barely mint,' she said. I DIE! I wish I could see her shoes under there.

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juls said...

i want penelope's dress. i believe it was vintage Pierre Balmain. i don't even know who that is but it's gorgeous.