Monday, February 16, 2009

a couple more thoughts on mars hill/driscoll

My friend C and I just sent me this about Mars Hill church and Mark Driscoll:

Oh-- I also wanted to tell you that I was thinking of an acquaintance/friend who has the most natural sort of goofy joy and creativity that I intuitively feel like he squelches... lives life a little harder on himself than seems necessary. I was looking at his blog, and had a prayer-thought... "I wonder of the fact that he goes to Mars Hill is bad for his spirit?" and then I saw your blog post, and that was one of those weird coincidences that's hard to ignore. Did you guys actually attend for a spell, or just visit?

We've just visited. It felt sinister and I've never felt that way about a church I've been to. Have you ever attended?

No-- I have virtually no desire to even peek in. But what always surprises me is finding out that someone I know well-ish attends. I'm sure it has something to offer-- challenge? community? good music? fieriness that seems true and honest? I only had to read a little of the pastor's blog when we first moved here to want to avoid it. My parents went once on someone's suggestion, and they said he ripped on lots of different people groups during the sermon, which really turned them off, understandably. But I'm not that informed otherwise.

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