Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 things about me, by someone else

I love the 25 things and wish everyone would do them. David and I did them about each other to make it more interesting.

25 things about David, written by Stephanie:

1. Every night he takes his socks off by pawing his feet on the ground like a horse.
2. David can drink espresso and then fall right asleep.
3. He doesn't have any vanity concerning cars. He wouldn't mind driving a total piece of crap.
4. He secretly loves cute and cuddly things.
5. He's been working on a novel almost every day for the past seven years.
6. He has perfect eyesight.
7. He is disgustingly good at Boggle.
8. He is disgustingly good at Scrabble.
9. He can hit home runs.
10. He takes his baseball bag he had in Little League to Mariners games with his mitt in it in case the ball comes towards him.
11. He played intramural hockey in grad school in Canada.
12. He claimed a freckle on Lolly's knee as his favorite and she always says "That's daddy's favorite frickle."
13. He loves watching waves or a river and he could stare at it all day. Maybe he's a little bit autistic.
14. He is quiet.
15. He has 3 sisters and no brothers, and I think this might be partly why he is so calm.
16. He doesn't shy away from confrontation but manages not to seem threatening when he does it.
17. He can play the harmonica crazy well and I had no idea about this until we'd been married like 7 years and he said he never plays it cause it's dumb.
18. His favorite thing is to wake up before the sun comes up and write for hours.
19. He puts hot sauce on almost everything.
20. Sometimes he'll sneeze about nine times in a row without stopping and it's sort of scary.
21. He loves when the sheets are cold. I don't get it.
22. He loves Sparks.
23. He has no use for pets.
24. When he leaves on a trip he tells Judah that he's the man of the house and to take care of his girls.
25. He has a bald spot in his beard.

25 Things About Stephanie, written by David:

1. She has never seen Star Wars.
2. Whenever Stephanie gets into a car, she starts craving Diet Coke.
3. Has painted and repainted every piece of furniture in our home multiple times.
4. She could lie in bed all day multi-tasking (reading, watching tv, blogging) and never fall asleep.
5. Conversely, she falls asleep during most movies.
6. She reads and recycles 20-30 magazines a month.
7. Her feet look like they've never been walked on.
8. She does, however, have one mohawk toe from running.
9. Was faulted for causing 9 car accidents during college. Zero since.
10. Stephanie played Rugby in college, and bit people in the scrum when she had opportunity.
11. Bakes cakes on a whim.
12. Is obsessed with books on cleaning and organization.
13. Likes to dream up new names for kittens.
14. Likes to draw cartoon bunnies and coo at them.
15. Dresses as a southern baptist every Halloween.
16. Will say she is not hungry, and then eat off of your plate.
17. Is always on the hunt for an unmanned piano to play.
18. Hates Uggs and Crocs. Loves cowboy boots.
19. Eats chips and salsa at least once a day.
20. Runs marathons.
21. Makes a mean chicken fried steak dinner.
22. Has most television commercials from the 1980's memorized.
23. Still wants to be a cheerleader.
24. Still listens to Amy Grant.
25. Loves reality shows involving haunted houses and ghosthunters.


the nibbling marmot said...

I think you two like each other.

Trev said...

He played hockey in Canada? What year? Was there a guy name Frank on his team?

The Klentzmans said...

oh that is great. I am really laughing at this... lets be friends!


Anonymous said...

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