Monday, September 1, 2008

the plot thickens!

After that Focus on the Family guy asked people to pray for torrential rain in Denver during the Democratic Nat'l Convention nothing happened. But now Hurricane Gustav is "muting" (says the news) the Republican Convention in Minneapolis...even though the hurricane is in the Gulf. And that guy was even praying for specific winds that would blow stuff around and make it impossible for people to walk. Hmm.

I don't wanna go to work tomorrow. I don't wanna put on work pants. I hate work pants. I wish we could wear jeans. It's cold now so I don't wanna wear tights under a dress so I must resort to pants which are warmer but they're PANTS that I would never wear if it weren't for the employee dress code. I do wanna see Shari tomorrow and drink the crappy office coffee and have Jose drop in our office and shut the door and eat our snacks and play the circle game and tell us scandalous things he did at the bath house over the weekend. I do want that to happen. But I don't want to get my annual review which I suspect may happen tomorrow, will probably definitely happen this week. I feel like I'm being called into the principal's office when I get my annual review. They'll probably mention my lack of adherence to the dress code, however slight. Hey, at least I'm wearing my special pants that make me hate myself all day long. Stupid dress code. I wish I could kick ass at work but I can't. I'm too easily distracted. David is watching Sportscenter right now. He's thinking about his fantasy football team. I want to form my own fantasy team...for celebrity scandals or something. What if I got my friends together and we drafted celebrities, took turns picking just like Davy and his boyfriends (teehee) do at the start of the season and then tried to see which celebrity would fall the farthest the hardest before the end of the, say, the college football season. Then we could hold another draft when the NFL season starts. Then when that's over it's baseball season! Yeah! Maybe we could hold a draft for congressmen. If they cheat on their wife they get 10 points. If they cheat with a page they get 15 points. If it's a male page they get 50 points. If their publicity material mentions anything about 'exhastion' then, hmm what do you think, 35 points? If they go to rehab that would 75 points because we never hear about that and if that leaked it would be a feat.

Gonna watch Sopranos now.


Straight from the Norse's Mouth said...

Well I think you look right nice in your work pants... I joined a Female Fantasy Football League.. Yea, me who HATES football.. but I figure hey, I could win a couple hundred dollars! Woop! I have a friend helping me too.. Yeah, so I'm cheating.. WHAT? WHAT? :-)

Team Wolfisaki said...

i don't know if i told you recently enough that i love you to bits and pieces and you are funny. Sometimes i actually laugh out loud when i read your blog. i hate Work Pants too, that's why i quit that job. You should be happy that you don't have a Mom Butt to go in those Work Pants, like Tom Cruise does.

stephy said...

Tom Cruise has a Mom Butt?! Hahahaha!