Friday, December 26, 2008


I have this random realization, but I'm more convinced of it lately. It's amazing how many disappointing people are out there, and they're hardly ever who you'd initially peg as being like that. And too much of the time they are downright terrible. It sucks to think someone could be terrible but in a lot of ways you are doing yourself a favor when you can realize it. And they would never say they're terrible, they're usually people who think they're really pretty great and in on something. It's a sad realization but I think being aware of it brings you closer to the truth and helps you to protect yourself. A weird and happy and also random realization I've had too is that a lot of people you wouldn't have initially thought of as being that special turn out to be incredibly wonderful. It's amazing to find these people who are safe and nurturing, it makes me feel like someone is looking out for me.


Mumsy said...

Stephie, Your realization is one I can identify with. When you are raised to view the world behind rose-colored glasses, you are not equipped with the necessary tools of discernment. Realizing that ugliness exists alongside beauty is a paradigm shift, and may even send you back to reread People of the Lie. It certainly brings new light to Jesus' warnings about sheep and goat, wheat and tares. :) About a year ago, I mentioned to my son, a pysch major, that I was noticing how many "crazy" people are in the world. I said, "You know, I'm beginning to think there are more disturbed and disordered people in the world than there are "well" people." His response? "Clearly." (As in "Duh, Mom.") You're learning much earlier than I did. Someone is indeed looking out for each of us ;)

stephy said...

Thank you Mumsy, I don't know you (I don't think) but this was so lovely of you, THANK YOU!