Friday, December 5, 2008

the kids' letters to santa

Here is what they had me write:

From the 3 yr old:
Dear Santa,
I want to have something for Christmas that is a dolly, and a bear that is pink and his name is called Beary and his last name is Isabel, and I really want a Barbie toy and a pony and she named [sic] is Nesso Nessa. And I want a big stroller for my dollies with fishies on it, and another bear that is purple with two names, Isabel Drury. And I probably want a Barbie toy that has a horse. And I really want another bear that's blue. And I want a pink sweater and that's all. The end.
Love, R.

From the 6 yr old:
Dear Santa,
I want to get a Wii and a remote controlled helicopter that's about five feet tall. And a snowboard and an electric guitar with "amplers" (amplifiers). And I would like a singing gingerbread house and a Chinese flag and a little toy airplane that I can fly in that can fit four passengers. I want to get a Lego rollercoaster set and a tv and a BB gun and a fog machine. The end.


juls said...

boy's gifts seem much more difficult. what r u going to do?

Jona said...

A fog machine?! That is AWESOME! Get him the kind that works with sugar water so the whole foggy house always smells like pancakes.

This has inspired me to write my list and include a fog machine. Why didn't I think of that? Whyyyy?

David said...

It sounds like Judah is planning to throw the party of the century. I'll bet there will be a prize for whoever can--while riding a lego roller coaster--shoot the helicopter out of the fog-filled sky with the BB gun to the strains of rock and roll amplers.

Jojoellen said...

to funny, love the kids lists. bear and barbies and fog machines and bb guns yeah good stuff. I remember taking the sears and j.c.penny catalogs and writing down all kind of stuff i wanted, it was fun. I even got some of it hahhaha.